Tomorrow – Wednesday 22nd October

Hi all, In order to make the last 1.3 revision as seamless as possible, you are to go to the teacher and classroom you have been assigned to below: Mr Waugh – room 23 Nathan

Level 1 speeches


Speech Structure

Here are the notes on speech structure:

‘Wide Reading Logs’

Hi all, I am attaching templates for you, as well as clarifying a few expectations around this assessment. Remember you need to write PERSONAL RESPONSES (not book reviews) on SIX texts. At least 2 texts



Unfamiliar Texts

Here is an example of an unfamiliar text, question and an excellence example.

Creative writing material

Here are the notes on dialogue: Here are the notes on characterisation: And here are the notes on conflict:

Tips and tricks for conflict.

Here are a few things that you can use to help create a convincing and developed expression of conflict in your short story. A few websites that could be useful:

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